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Pain and Promises

Dear Mr. Mormon, I think of you often. Although I have not written recently, that is not due to forgetfulness and I pray that someday I will be able to resume writing to you regularly. I do enjoy our talks and I still have so much I want to share with you. With my lackContinue reading “Pain and Promises”

Priesthood Power

Dear Mr. Mormon, First of all, let me apologize for my neglect towards you the past several weeks. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you despite my failure to write, but really that doesn’t make it any better. Please forgive me. Now, to today’s topic. While at work a couple weeks ago, I overheard aContinue reading “Priesthood Power”

The Nicene Creed

The most commonly used version of the First Vision account states of Christianity “that all their creeds were an abomination in [God’s] sight.” Of the Christian creeds, the one most often berated is the Nicene creed. Today, I’d love to go through that creed line by line and examine it to see if it reallyContinue reading “The Nicene Creed”

Other Resources

John 21 Outline

Chapter 21: Redirection of Disciples The Sea of Tiberius The disciples were physical followers of Jesus Christ during His life. When He was no longer constantly with them after His resurrection, the disciples lost their sense of direction and turned back to what they’d always known. Jesus reappears to them to remind them of theirContinue reading “John 21 Outline”

John 20 Outline

Christ’s Resurrection Jesus Resurrected Those who loved and believed in Jesus most got to see Him first. Mary Magdelene comes before the crack of dawn to see Jesus and finds an empty tomb (1) John the beloved and Peter, two of Christ’s closest disciples, are called. John gets there first, but allows Peter to enterContinue reading “John 20 Outline”

John 19 Outline

Chapter 19: Christ’s Crucifixion King of the Jews (1-5) Jesus Christ was to be the King of the Jews. In chapters 12 and 19 He is hailed as such, but only through the lens of humility and suffering. In 12:14-15, He rides into Jerusalem on a baby donkey, not fit for a King. Upon entrance,Continue reading “John 19 Outline”

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